Hi, I will give you some information about myself (picture), my background, interests and other irrelevant facts.

I grew up in a small village, Emsfors, where the dominant industry was a paper mill. During vacations from school I worked in the paper mill to earn some money but I also think that it was here that my interests for all things mechanical was born. I never thought about my professional choice, I always knew that I would be working as a mechanical engineer. But, electrons took over from mechanics and I became a Systems Engineer with IBM instead. I never regretted that choice and stayed with IBM for 27 years.

But my interests are mainly mechanics. I am intersted in motorsport, old sports cars, motorcycling , aviation, photography and has recently become interested in genealogy.

During the years I have had a few interesting cars e.g. MG, Jaguar, Lotus but In 1997  I sold my latest sports car, a Lotus Elan which I bought in England in 1975 and then restored. Since then I have been driving Volvos but the longing for a sportscar became too strong so in July 2007 I bought a Mercedes SLK.

My interest in genealogy has been latent for a long time, but when my father died and I had to go through his left papers my interest for learning more about my ancestors surfaced. So now I am collecting and organising the available information. Next step will be to expand on this by trying to find new information.