Pictures from my visit to Fröå old coppermine in August 1997.

Some time ago I learned that there is a house in Fröå which is called Enderleins house. Nobody seemed to know who had caused that name so I decided to do some research. I soon found that it was the engineer Herman Otto Enderlein who had lived in the house with his family from 1914 to 1920. When the coppermine was closed down in 1919 the family emigrated to USA. I got in contact with Hermans descendents  in USA and learned that Hermans daughter, who spent her youth in Fröå is now 94 years and lives in Oregon. Some time ago I visited Fröå for the first time to meet Britta Hedros who has given me much information about Fröå, information I have passed on to Hermans descendents. Another reason for my visit was to take pictures so that Hermans descendents can get a view of Fröå today.
I want to share these pictures and hope that they can persuade others to visit Fröå. Fröå is easily accessible, very close to Åre (See map!). For more information about the mine, opening hours, events and programs I recommend a contact with Fröå Gruva Restoration Society, Såå 1190, 830 13 Åre, tel +46 (0)647 321 88.

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Enderleins cottage

Enderlein cottage is in very bad shape and is today used as a store for building materials..

Pivån, an octagonal building housed the machinery for diverting the cables used for pulling out carts to the different shafts where the mining was done. The cables were driven by a waterwheel.  Pivån
Stånggången and the Waterwheel

Stånggången was used for transmitting power from the large waterwheel to the pumps in the mine. These pumps were necessary to keep the mine dry. The waterwheel in the house in the back and stånggången have recently been restored.

Stånggången is made of connected wooden poles moving back and forth, just like the connecting rods in an engine. Stånggången


View towards Åreskutan Fröå is very beautifully situated on the east slopes of Åreskutan. Valltorpet

Around the mining village there are small cottages where the workers lived with their families.

The Kitchen in Sellstedtstorpet Kristianstorpet Sellstedtstorpet

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