Gästboken för Enderlein

Namn: Göran Enderlein
E-post: goran@enderlein.se
Datum: Torsdag den 11 februari 2021 13:56
jag testar

Namn: penny
E-post: pennymartlew@bigpond.com
Datum: Söndag den 8 september 2013 01.10
I have just come across your web page and I am trying to trace my family tree. My Great grandfather was Ernest Moritz Enderlein and he lived in England but born in Germany. He was born in
1862 and was married to charlotte, they had 3 children Gertude Lottie ,Claire and ernest.

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Datum: MÃ¥ndag den 1 april 2013 04.56
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Namn: Göran Karlsson
E-post: g.karlsson@mektek.se
Datum: Torsdag den 29 september 2011 08.30
Hej Göran. det var ett tag sen vi sågs.Men det kanske går att gottgöra nån gång

Namn: Gloria Johnson Mills
E-post: gloriajeanmills@hotmail.com
Datum: Måndag den 20 juni 2011 02.10
Hello. I just found that my 4th great grandfather, Henrik Wellamson, drowned in the Froia mine at age 37 (1789). I was looking for info on the mine and your site had the best pictures and information. Thank you very much! Gloria
PS: Did you see any facts on deaths in the mines while there?

Namn: Jeanette
E-post: pitcherjeanette@yahoo.com
Datum: Tisdag den 26 april 2011 16.06
I am descended from Johann Barthold Enderlein 1790-1845 in Süss, Hessen, Germany. I was hoping we might be related but it doesn't look like it for now. I enjoyed reading your research and wish you luck.

Namn: Lennart & Elisabeth
E-post: lennart..hagerby@telia.com
Datum: Tisdag den 18 januari 2011 17.23
Just a courtesy visit after looking at the Ramshult page. Nice work!

Namn: Erik Hjalmar Emillon
E-post: hjalmar.emillon@ericsson.com
Datum: Lödag den 17 april 2010 21.43
Hej Göran, a "quickie": do you have any info on mr Horace Cox, Phoenix, AZ, USA, and his descendants ? Any contacts with this branch of the family ? M v h Erik Hjalmar Emillon, Sthlm.

Namn: Jeanette Pitcher
E-post: pitcherjeanette@yahoo.com
Datum: Fredag den 5 december 2008 16.33
claifying my last entry... Johann Barthold is the son who died in 1845. I don't know anything about Wilhelm except his name and the address he lived at in Süss.
The 90 year old who carries the Family name is my only living Enderlein that is left. There are others but not my line.
Jeanette Pitcher

Namn: Jeanette Pitcher
E-post: pitcherjeanette@yahoo.com
Datum: Fredag den 5 december 2008 16.30
Hi Goran,
I wonder if my Enderleins in 1780 are any relation. They appear in Suss, Hesse, Germany. Wilhelm then his son Johann Barthonld born 1790 in Süss. His son dies in 1845 and his widow goes to the USA. There is only one living male in the USA carrying the Enderlein name today and he is 90 years old. Maybe there is a link between our two lines?
Best regards,
jeanette pitcher

Namn: Marion Arens
E-post: marymueller@gmx.at
Datum: Tisdag den 1 juli 2008 16.54
Hallo Göran Enderlein!

Today I surfed in the www and rembered my very great visit to sweden in the summer of 2003! Searching Ramshult I found your homepage. Do you remember me? I've been very happy to live in the old schoolhouse for some wonderful days!
I married in 2006 so I'm called Marion Arens. Last year our daughter Greta was born.....
I hope your wife and yourself are well and you have a nice summer!
Many greetings and all the best for you!
Marion Arens

Namn: Göran
E-post: goran@narlunda.com
Hemsida (URL): http://www.narlunda.com
Datum: 2008-01-19 16:35:43
Lycka till! Må många gäster hemsöka sidan! /G

Namn: Göran Enderlein
Datum: 2008-01-19 10:28:57
Ny Gästbok som är skriven i php och SQL av Göran Lustig och lite modifierad av mig. Den gamla gästboken fanns hos Passagen vars server ofta var otillgänglig. Jag hoppas att detta skall vara bättre. Tack Göran!