Göran Enderlein

Systems Consultant


  • Graduated from Kalmar Tekniska Gymnasium 1965
  • Numerical Analysis at Univerity of Stockholm 1969-1970
  • Frequent education in IBM training Centers in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and England

Professional Experience

  • IBM Svenska AB, 1966 - 1994

    After having graduated from the Technical College in Kalmar I got employed by IBM Sweden in 1966 as a Customer Engineer and got a thorough training to service IBM equipment with a number of customers in Stockholm. During my first years with IBM I got interested in computing and programming and so I started to study numerical analysis at the University of Stockholm.

    1969 I went to Germany for training in Operating Systems for computers. After having returned I got responsible for Operating System Support to a number of customers. The next 10 years I learnt most of IBM's systems at training centers in Germany, England and Sweden. During this time I got a countrywide responsibility for service of several IBM Systems, e.g. MVS and VM/370.

    1980 I moved to the IBM Branch office in Malmoe and a position as Systems Engineer with responsibility for MVS installations. This included technical assistance to colleauges and customers. In Malmoe I was responsible for several projects to establish MVS with new IBM customers and customers migrating to MVS from other IBM operating systems. With my cooperation the number of MVS installations increased from zero to a dozen in the Malmoe region. Among these customers are among others, IKEA, TetraPak, Nestle and Sydkraft.

    1986 I moved back to Stockholm and IBM's Branch Office for Bank and Insurance where I got responsibility for support to Trygg-Hansa, Posten and F:a Data. With these customers I was responsible for several large installations of both hardware and software.

  • Göran Enderlein Konsult, 1994 -

    In the beginning of the 1990's I started to get more interested in the Client - Server area. I learnt OS/2, Unix, Local area networking, REXX and C++ through different courses. 1994 I quit my job at IBM and started my own Consulting business. My first project was development of a system for registration of documentation concerning drugs for Pharmacia & UpJohn. I have later made more developments in this area.

    For Ericsson Radio Systems I have developed several systems for order management, stock management and picture storage. At Ericsson's Education Department I have been project manager in a project which developed a reservation system for internal courses.

    In 1997 I developed together with a collegue, Mats Skoglund, an information exchange system for Foreningssparbanken. I was also engaged as a project leader for development of the infrastructure for an intranet for Foreningssparbanken.

    I am now engaged in development for Intranet, which means design and production of Web-based solutions. I have made jobs in this area for Ericsson Radio Systems AB and ForeningsSparbanken AB.


  • SE Professional Award, 1982
  • Marketing Excellence Award, 1988 and 1991

Current competence

Competence areas

  • Systems Management
  • System & application development
  • Database management, SQL
  • Client/Server
  • Projekt Mangement
  • Internet & WWW-development

Product knowledge

  • Large systems hardware & software
  • OS/2, Windows and Windows/NT
  • Paradox, Delphi, C++
  • Oracle database and tools
  • HTML, Java, Perl


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Contact information

Göran Enderlein,
Ramshult 109,
570 76 Ruda,

Tel: +46-723174860